Making of the lockets for Matthew Vaughn's 2024 film Argylle

Making of the lockets for Matthew Vaughn's 2024 film Argylle

By Rosie Kent

Making of the lockets for Matthew Vaughn's 2024 film Argylle

In the summer of 2021 I was lucky enough to work on a very exciting project - to make twelve diamond shaped lockets for Matthew Vaughn's new spy action comedy 'Argylle'

The locket design needed to be signed off in a ridiculously short space of time due to the imminent filming deadline. Working with the costume team we kept the classic argyle pattern as the main focus. We wanted to create a striking elegant piece with clean bold lines. 

Technical cad drawings of the lockets for the 2024 film Argylle

Creating a fully functioning locket is quite a challenge without this added pressure. There really wasn't any time to make mistakes, I must have checked these cad files an unnecessary amount of times. Each locket also had to house a 9mm x 3mm object. I'll let you watch the film to find out what that is. Making the technical models was definitely the hardest and most stressful part. I use the cad software Matrix Gold to create my models.

Finished cad renders showing the Argylle film's locket both open and closed

Using this 3D software I was able to create these photo realistic renders, showing the piece from every angle. This was a great way to effectively work remotely with the costume team. It gave them a pretty good understanding of how the locket would look once cast in metal.

Behind the scenes of how we made the locket for the new Argylle film

Once the lockets were 3D printed and cast into silver, there was the mammoth task of cleaning them up. Due to the strict deadline I had to enlist a whole team of helpers to get these off the ground in time. My workshop assistant Kylie soldered the bails in place.

Lockets on jewellers bench, Matthew Vaughn's film Argylle

Due to time constraints only 4 of the lockets were fully functioning, 8 lockets in the film are dummies that do not open. The amazing team Marco Cuomo in Hatton Garden worked a weekend to get the final four functioning lockets polished and hinged in time.

Finished diamond shaped lockets with a striking argyle pattern for the film Argylle

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the finished gold plated lockets as they were couriered directly from the gold platers straight to the film set. How's that for timing! I cannot wait to see this film and see the incredible actors wearing something I helped to make.



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