Alternative Wedding Rings

Take a look at our collection of alternative wedding rings. If you are looking for interesting and unique wedding bands then you have come to the right place. We hand make everything in our Peak District studio and can tailor the rings to be completely unique to you. We offer matching wedding rings in the subtlest of designs to the damn right bold, whatever your style. 

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Alternative Wedding Ring Collection

Take a look at some of the rings we have made below or click through to see our first ever wedding ring collection.



Bespoke Matching Wedding Rings

Or why not get in touch with us to have something custom made, we love a bespoke challenge making rings unique to you. This next set of bands all have a hidden element inside, tying both rings together but in a secret way only known to those who wear them! I really love the twisted rope ring, it fits perfectly inside her fiancé band, so we thought why not make a negative impression of her ring inside his. Next up was a musician and scientist who wanted sound waves of each of them saying the same phrase. As the sizes of their rings were vastly different getting them to fit was a challenge. In her band we used hand engraving and in his band we had fun using laser engraving. A simple stone set option or engraving is also a great way to add some individuality and tie both rings together.

Twisted-Wedding-Bands-Secret-Engraving-Alternative-RingsSecret-Soundwave-Engraving-Wedding-Alternative-RingsRosie-Kent-Handmade-Matching-Wedding-Rings-LondonRosie-Kent-Handmade-Matching-Patterned-Wedding-Rings-LondonStar symbol engraved inside  Diamond Set wedding bandSecret_stones_Matching_wedding_bands  Secret engraving alternative wedding ring   


Patterned Wedding Rings

The next two wedding bands were made to sit next to the clients existing engagement rings. First up is our take on an Art Nouveau patterned design, we incorporated sun bursts and a favourite; diagonal lines of dots. The second client had an antique blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring, we created a plaited band in a wishbone shape to snugly fit next to and compliment her ring.

Antique_Engagement_Ring_Art_Nouveau_Patterned_Wedding_Ring  Art-Nouveau-Patterned-Wedding-BandAntique Engagement ring with Knotted wedding band  yellow gold Knotted wedding band


Wedding Band Archive

Here are a selection of a few bespoke wedding bands we have made over the years. Geometric patterns such as angular stripes and chevrons are a great choice, if this seems too over-stated then the addition of a pattern running along one edge can be a much more subtle approach. I love this striking feather pattern which was engraved during the initial CAD stage, this ring is made from 18ct rose gold, it is a beautiful colour sitting half way between the traditional yellow and the rich red gold. A good example of machine engraving in the ring sitting next to the feather band, here the complex pattern has been laser etched on to the surface of the metal leaving the crisp precise lines burnt in place. The contrast of the clean black lines on the pale yellow gold looks dynamic. The final two images in this set are both fitted wedding bands, made to interlock with their engagement ring counterparts. Love the striking shapes emphasized by the flush set diamonds. 

Mens_Raw_platinum_Chevron_Band  Mens-Chevron-Wedding-Band-Made-In-LondonFeather-Engraved-Wedding-Band  Laser_Engraved_patterned_wedding_Ring  Geometric_Fitted_Gold_wedding_Band  Diamond_geometric_wishbone_wedding_band

Below are a pair of wedding bands both custom made to sit neatly next to their engagement rings. The raw 18ct white gold ring is taken from our Gammarus range and the leaves of the rhodium plated 18ct white gold ring are placed just as the band drops into a V shape, pointing nicely to the stones above. You'll have to take my word for that! I really enjoyed making the yellow gold man's band, it was made from two halves hammered together, one side polished and one side textured, giving a clean contrasting look. The pinched diamond set white gold wedding ring is a great example of a band made to fit next to a large single stone engagement ring, the shape lends itself to slotting easily beside, creating a flush appearance. The 6mm wide faceted patterned ring is made of palladium, we left a bit of texture on the band so the sharp shapes were a little more subtle. I will leave you on a pair of rings for two sisters, recycling sentimental gold. I know these aren't technically wedding bands but they are certainly forever rings and I just loved how they turned out!

Leaf wedding band textured wedding band  Split_Shank_Shiny_matt_Wedding_band+Half_n_halfHegagon_black_diamond_Engagement_Ring_Matching_Wedding_band  Rose-gold_Diamond_set_wedding_ringsFaceted platinum wide mens wedding ring  Floral_patterned_Wedding_bands_Diamond_set_Daisy_Ring


We always love it when you send us your pictures! Here is a lovely crescent moon set with tiny diamonds on a rose gold band and his is a satin finished rounded profile chunky band, when asked we can make plain rings too!



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