Ring Size Guide


If you are not sure which ring size to order, pop down to your local, friendly jewellery store and ask for your ring size to be measured. Most retailers will be more than happy to help. 

Alternatively, take a ring, which you already own down to a jewellery shop to get measured.

If you are not able to get to a jewellers, there are tips and tricks to measure your ring size at home, please get in touch hello@rosiekent.com


UK ring sizes are measured in ascending alphabetical letters. The most common ring sizes are M and N, so if you are buying a gift and aren't sure which size to order, this is a good guide tip.

International ring sizes are measured differently but can be converted to UK sizes, there are many conversion charts on the internet.

Unfortunately, every ring size chart will vary slightly in its measurements, as there is no internationally recognised standard. Any previous measurement you may have been given by other jewellers may have been measured on a different system and could vary slightly. We use the Wheatsheaf ring gauges.

Remember that due to temperature changes your finger may shrink in the cold or expand in the heat, fingers can change up to one whole size in summer / winter months. 


If you are unsure which size to purchase, we recommend going for the most popular UK size M or N or email us for some advice.


If you would like to order a ring size which is not listed on our website, please email us at hello@rosiekent.com with your request. We make all our jewellery in-house, so can make rings most sizes. Pinkie and Midi rings are a great way to stack yet more of our designs onto your fingers!