Engagement Ring FAQs



Buying a bespoke engagement ring raises many questions. As a part of the friendly and open service we offer, we are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

How to measure partner's ring size?

With your partner's knowledge of what you’re up to this is straightforward. For the most accurate measurement, make an appointment with Rosie or a local jeweller. Alternatively provide an example ring that fits the ring finger well or borrow a ring sizer.

How to measure partner's ring size in secret?

In secret this is still possible, by measuring the internal diameter of one of their rings we can make a fairly good judgement. However If you can discretely borrow a well fitting ring that is the most accurate option. Other ways include asking friends or family if they know and, if they don’t, staging creative ways to find out without giving the game away.

What precious metals can be used in the ring?

There are no rules on what precious metal or metals to make the band, mount and settings from. We offer 9 and 18ct gold in yellow, white and rose, or palladium and platinum for a grey / white colour. Rose gold engagement rings are particularly popular at present. 

What stones can be used in engagement rings?

Diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular and traditional choice. Diamonds are not all crystal clear, coloured diamonds are widely available too. Carat, colour, clarity and cut are important decisions that we can guide you through.

If not a diamond we recommend opting for a sapphire as diamonds and sapphires are by far the hardest of stones and will stand the test of time. Sapphires also come in a wide range of colours, from beautiful pastel hues to naturally colour changing options. Don’t worry if the choice seems endless, we will help steer you in the right direction and will show you examples of the diamond and sapphire engagement rings that we have produced. 

Is it possible to resize?

Of course, we offer one re-size for free. But we’ll take all possible steps to get it right first time.

Can I have family stones made into the ring?

You can indeed. If there’s a stone in an existing piece or loose diamond or gemstone you already own this can be incorporated into the bespoke engagement ring design. 

What styles of ring are there?

From traditional and vintage engagement rings to modern styles, the final appearance of your ring is completely down to you. Or if you’d prefer, step back from the design process and we will create something special for you.

To discuss your bespoke engagement ring please contact the studio hello@rosiekent.com.