About us

Hello I’m Rosie! I knew from a young age I would be a maker of some sort, but didn’t find jewellery until I was on a foundation diploma at Central Saint Martins.

I loved making clothes so thought fashion made sense but when I tried jewellery for the first time I was captivated. It was like being an inventor creating purposeful objects, I was hooked.

Rosie Kent working at a desk in her Marple studio

Peak District jeweller

I grew up in the Lake District, Cumbria, I didn’t realise how much I loved the outdoors until I’d been living in London for 17 years.

The pandemic certainly sped up my thinking to make the return north. I’m now back in a greener part of the world, on the edge of the Peak District. I’ve ditched my single speed for a mountain bike and am almost getting used to the hills around here.

Rosie climbing Blencathra in spring 2019

Beginnings of my brand

I first started out on my own part time, by making engagement rings and wedding bands for friends which then soon turned into friends of friends.

The bespoke side of my business steadily picked up whilst still working for other designers, honing my craft and learning the business side of things.

I’ve been slowly building my brand for the last seven years and was finally able to take the plunge and concentrate on it full time in 2017.

Jewellery style

I’m pretty obsessed with detail, I love how my textured pieces come alive when the light hits. The reflective trickery of metal, making you believe an object is set with hundreds of stones rather than hundreds of tiny grains of silver.

Gold rings on incremented metallic sizing gauge
Handtools left on Rosie's jewellery workbench

Design and manufacture

I create my pieces using 3D software, some models can be covered in 1000’s of tiny grains, building a model on the computer and 3D printing the master is a much quicker way to achieve my ideas. However, this process means I can get a bit too carried away in the finer details.

These textured objects are then turned into jewellery by hand using recycled silver, gold and ethically sourced stones. I’m very proud that i’ve just become a fairmined gold licensed brand.


My starting points are usually patterns, I’m really inspired by colour and shape. I like jewellery that tells a story, gives you a glimpse into an ancient world. I believe these textures give the jewellery character and meaning.

I also love the ambiguous nature of patterns; the wearer of the piece can take their own meaning from it which might be entirely different from my own.

Get in touch

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. I really appreciate you taking an interest in my brand. If you’re interested in getting in touch please visit the contact us page to find out ways to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Rosie and Christopher at Primrose Hill designer sale in 2021
Cycling on the peak forest canal