Wiggle stud earrings on pink background

Sample Sale - Earrings

** Sample Sale Ended **

Welcome to our September 2021 sample sale earrings page.

All of these earrings have a fantastic discount of up to 70% off due to them being either prototypes, special editions, end-of-line, non-Fairmined gold plated or items loaned for a shoot.

Our Sleepy Wiggle Stud Earrings are a must have! 

The majority are in perfect condition. Some have very minor imperfections and where this is the case I’ll let you know about it in the product description.

We usually do one sample sale each year and they are very popular. So, if you like a piece don't hang about or you may be disappointed!  Sale ends at midnight 19th September 2021. Hope you find something you like.

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