Sample Sale

Welcome to our Autumn Sample sale! All of these pieces have a fantastic discount of up to 70% off due to them being last chance to buy / samples / borrowed for a shoot / or items from newer collection that have either changed along the way or aren't quite correct. As we wholesale to different shops our quality has to be up there with each piece being exactly the same. These tiny issues aren't necessarily flaws, they could be a slight change in chain length, the colour of gold isn't quite right or there's a small flaw in the casting. All of the above will be mentioned in the description so you know exactly what you are buying. Each piece will be packaged up in our standard branded boxes. Unfortunately we can't offer returns on these items. Postage in the U.K. will be £6.50 and international £11.50 This will only be live until Monday 26th 12pm

I hope you find something you like!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection